Francesco Trapani

Francesco Trapani became Chief Executive Officer of Bulgari in 1984,
a point at which Bulgari was starting to expand internationally. With
qualifi cations in Economics (University of Naples) and Business Administration
(New York University), Trapani brought to the company both
fi nancial planning and a long-term strategy based on product diversifi -
cation, global distribution and professional organisation. In July 1995,
Trapani successfully led the listing of Bulgari S.p.A on the Italian Stock
Exchange, with the Bulgari family as majority shareholder. In February
2001, Bulgari announced the creation of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, a joint
venture between Bulgari and Marriott International/Ritz-Carlton. As
a result, the Bulgari Group has become a major success story. In March
2011, Bulgari and LVMH Group joined forces through an agreement
that provided LVMH with the majority shareholding in Bulgari S.p.A.,
while the Bulgari family became the second largest family shareholder
of the LVMH Group. Trapani also became a member of the Board of
Directors of LVMH. In July 2011, Francesco Trapani was also appointed
President, Watches and Jewellery.