Horacio Pagani

Passionate about cars and automotive design since his childhood days,
Argentinean-born Horacio Pagani studied industrial design and mechanical
engineering in his native country. In 1983 he moved to Italy,
where he started working for Lamborghini, eventually being responsible
for several milestone design and engineering projects. In 1991 he founded
Modena Design, a company that quickly gained a reputation for its
pioneering use of advanced composite materials in the development of
high-performance products. In 1998 he gave birth to Pagani Automobili,
the brand under whose aegis the Zonda project came to life: a supercar
with a highly innovative design and a body made entirely of carbon fi bre,
regarded by many respected critics as one of the world’s best cars. Today,
138 Zondas exist worldwide. In March 2011 Pagani Automobili introduced
the universally acclaimed successor to the Zonda – the Huayra.